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About Bruno Carvalho

Who am I?

Hello, Thanks for visiting my page. I am Bruno Carvalho, born and raised in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil. It is safe to say I was born on the mats coming from a fighting family. My grandfather Francisco de Magalhães Pinto started Judo and Jiu Jitsu back in the 50 `s and also fought many Vale Tudo fights. He trained under Pedro Hemeterio and later under Kazuo Yoshida. In 1966 he started Clube Itapagipano de Judo in Salvador. My mother is today a sixth dan Judoka and both my uncles; Edson and Ricardo who I grew up with, have had hundreds of Judo, Jiu jitsu and Vale Tudo matches. My uncles trained also considerably under Isao Okano and Georges Mehdi. Edson also has a Black Belt under the legend Carlson Gracie. 

I started Judo as a child and soon gained interest in BJJ and Vale Tudo. I received my Black Belt in BJJ from my uncles in 2004. After some years in the Brazilian Vale Tudo scene I moved to Europe in 2006 to focus on my MMA Career there. I lived mostly in Sweden before I retired in 2016 with a 15-11 record in MMA (not including many local Vale Tudo shows back in Brazil) to focus on teaching BJJ.

I have lived and been a coach in BJJ all over the world and I have teams from Thailand in the east, to Florida in the west along with several here in Europe. I really love this sport and I always do my best to share my knowledge with my students no matter what type of level they are on. I am here to help them progress.

I am open for seminars, or if you are out traveling yourself, drop me a message if you are near any of my teams.

See you on the mats! Team Carvalho!

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Our Roots

Mitsuyo Maeda -> Carlos Gracie Sr. -> Carlson Gracie Sr. -> Edson Carvalho -> Bruno Carvalho

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